What We Believe

Welcome to Vernal Vibe Rise. The animals that live here with us teach us more each day about how they want their lives to be; they all enjoy being outside and eating fresh grass, nuts, and roots at their leisure. The animals love the freedom to roam the organic pasture, rest under the shade of food-bearing trees, and interact with one another as they choose. As we dedicate our time and energy to provide these animals with everything that they need, they, in turn, offer their best gifts to us.

True perennial sustainability is our keen aim on Vernal Vibe Rise. Our animals enjoy shade and sun, grass and water, and lots of regular attention. The pigs flop down and roll over for belly rubs, and we often have a trail of chickens, turkeys, ducks, and the like as we travel across the pasture throughout the day.

We choose to avoid artificial chemicals on our land and in our home. We do not use chemical methods to manage parasites; instead, we offer them organic garlic, organic black walnuts, and food-grade diatomaceous earth, organic herbs, and other truly organic options. All supplemental feed is GMO-free and carefully chosen with an eye for quality, locality, and true nutrition; the sheep, poultry, and rabbits receive only certified organic feed. Similarly, the perennial fruits and vegetables that grow at VVR are never treated with any artificial pesticides or chemicals. We produce rich compost and manure for use on our pastures and gardens. Thus, the animals feed the plants just as the plants feed the animals.

On Vernal Vibe Rise, we can speak with assuredness about the quality of the products that we sell, as the animals and plants that have offered up these foods were planted, born, and raised here on our farm. We spend every day of our lives working with the plants and animals here, and what a blessing to do such work!

Please consider visiting us at Vernal Vibe Rise in Renick, West Virginia so you can see firsthand the care that we take with our plants, animals, and land.

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