Cooperation + Community

At Vernal Vibe Rise, we hold strongly to the idea that no farm is an island. We understand the importance of community and cooperation, as a small farm must connect to the population and happenings of the region in which it operates in order to function wholly. We have also found it essential to reach out to national and international organizations and foundations that work for principles in which we believe. Some of the cooperatives, associations, and organizations with which Vernal Vibe Rise partners are listed below with links to their respective websites.

The Livestock Conservancy

West Virginia Farmers Market Association

West Virginia Food and Farm Coalition

Gloucestershire Old Spots of America (GOSA)

Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)

Greenbrier Valley Local Foods Initiative (GVLFI)

Greenbrier Valley Grown (GVG)

Greenbrier Valley Pasture Network (GVPN)

National Young Farmers’ Coalition


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