Giant Chinchilla Rabbits

VVR’s original Giant Chinchilla Rabbit stock came from the 2011 Common Ground Country Fair in Unity, Maine. Acadia and Oxford traveled back to Vernal Vibe Rise and became the foundation of our herd. We have since added to our genetic diversity, an currently keep one breeding bucks and several does. We find them to be very docile, pleasant rabbits and they have adapted quite easily to the rotational, pastured system we utilize here at VVR.

VVR rabbits live in field houses, which enable them to eat organic grasses and other greens as they grow while still maintaining safety for themselves and their young.

Please CONTACT US if interested in Giant Chinchilla Breeding Stock.

The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association mentions the following on their website, “The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is one of the few rabbit breeds that was created in America. Before the English breed known as the Chinchilla Giaganta, which incidentally, corresponds to the so called “Heavy-Weight” or American Chinchilla and not to be our own being exhibited in shows throughout the Middle West.  They caused and still are causing a sensation wherever they are shown.  The first Giant Chinchilla was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on Christmas Day in 1921.   Her very proud creator was Edward H. Stahl.   She was exhibited the following year and was called the Million Dollar Princess.  Now the breed is called the Million Dollar Rabbit.   Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants,  just to name a couple of breeds used.  The Giant Chinchilla has been purebred for over 45 years.”

For more history and information, please see Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association and GCRA History.

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