Karakachan LGDs

In Spring 2017, Vernal Vibe Rise acquired a breeding pair of AKDA Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs), Read Hopping Acres (dam) and Buckshot Raindrop (sire). Farm-raised male and female puppies are available as livestock guardians and breeding dogs.

Karakachans are very rare Bulgarian livestock guardian dogs, and have been introduced to farms in the United States only recently. Vernal Vibe Rise Karakachans live and work in an active farm environment here in the mountains of West Virginia. They manage predators, livestock, and care for all aspects of farm guardianship.

“Less wandering than some breeds, extremely protective and ever vigilant, our predation losses to domestic dogs and coyotes has been reduced to virtually zero. While the Karakachan is fully capable of using force, they generally use intimidation as a very effective tool to move predators to less risky environs. Sometimes a little reticent to engage with people, they are well-mannered and loyal, none the less. Each has its own personality and level of desire for interaction with people. They can be fierce and are both intelligent and independent.” (Massey Creek Farms)

Vernal Vibe Rise is currently accepting reservations for pups from Read and Buck’s upcoming litter. Please CONTACT me for more information, and be prepared to share about your farm, fencing system, and livestock management practices. Thank you!

For more information, please visit the American Karakachan Dog Association.