VVR Ethics

On Vernal Vibe Rise, I raise a variety of heritage animals within my beyond-organic Field and Forestâ„¢ intensive rotation system, and Vernal Vibe Rise also supports the growth of a variety of edible perennial plants and trees.

The animals that live with me on Vernal Vibe Rise teach me more each day about how they want their lives to be; they enjoy being outside and eating fresh grass, nuts, and roots at their leisure. The animals love the freedom to roam the pasture, rest under the shade of great oaks, and interact with one another as they choose. True perennial sustainability is my keen aim on Vernal Vibe Rise. As I dedicate my time and energy to provide these animals with everything that they need, they, in turn, offer their best gifts to you.

I use truly clean and natural animal husbandry methods, including intensive rotational grazing on beyond-organic pasture, to raise rare-breed, heritage pork (the delicious Ossabaw Island Hogs are my specialty) from farrow through finish. I also raise and sell American Chinchilla rabbit meat, Hog Island feral lamb, and eggs from Delaware heritage chickens, as well as beyond-organic perennial edibles, such as peaches, asparagus, herbs, and apples. I am able to assure customers of the quality and purity of Vernal Vibe Rise products because the animals and plants have lived their whole lives on my farm, under gentle and constant care.

At Vernal Vibe Rise, I believe that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) have the potential to be dangerous and therefore I avoid them in my own diet and make the same clean choices for all of my livestock. This means that I have to make an extra effort to source supplemental feed for my pigs that is completely GMO-free. All supplemental feed for VVR poultry and rabbits is not only GMO-free, but entirely organically grown (and certified), as are the pastures from which VVR sheep and other livestock eat. These commitments mean additional expense and time, but I certainly believe it is worth it to know that VVR animals are healthy and that the meat I sell is clean. I choose to avoid artificial chemicals on my land and in my home. I do not use chemical methods to keep the animals free of worms and ticks; instead, I offer them garlic, black walnuts, and food-grade diatomaceous earth. Any supplemental feed, as noted above, is carefully chosen with an eye for quality, locality, and true nutrition. Similarly, the perennial fruits and vegetables that grow at VVR are never treated with any artificial pesticides or chemicals. I produce rich compost and manure for use on the pastures and gardens. Thus, the animals feed the plants just as the plants feed the animals.

I can speak with powerful assuredness about the quality of the Vernal Vibe Rise products that I sell, as the animals and plants that have offered up these foods were planted, born, and raised here on this farm. I spend every day of my life working with the plants and animals here, and what a blessing to do such work! Thank you for your interest in Vernal Vibe Rise methods and products.

9 thoughts on “VVR Ethics

  1. Quincy Post author

    Hi Renee,
    We talked via email shortly after you sent your message; we are located in southeastern West Virginia. Thanks for contacting us!

  2. Whitt and Martha

    Good Morning
    Do you have any of the feeder piglets left? We are looking for 3 animals.

  3. Russ Richards

    Hi Quincy, I am Russ at the Better Living Center, in Farmington, Me. This week I was thinking about your family,wondering where all were. The next day your dad stopped by, so I got an update. Perhaps you remember me; I recall you as a teen, so time has passed!
    Anyway, I found this site. Good site! Good energy. I am glad you have a focus for your life. You must sleep like a rock after such full days.
    I am glad for the emphasis on natural, organic, etc. My wife and daughters have some genetic challenges from a drug gramma took a long time ago. That is one reason among many we have lived in the country with healthy food. And we do not know about our granddaughters Jazzy and Ella, no data yet.
    So enjoy life, seek peace, continue working with heart and mind. Hello to your mom, she may remember.
    Regards, Russ

  4. Beverly H. Johnson

    I was at Lewisburg Farmers Market this weekend and my husband purchased a bottle of the Floral Porcine Cream. I would like to order more. Please let me know the scents and amounts each of these items are. They would need to be shipped to Elkins, WV Do you accept credit cards. Thanks

  5. Carla Johnson

    Hey, Quincy, your operation looks amazing. Very “systems-thinking”. I wish you all the best, abundantly.

  6. Priscilla Lambson

    Hi, Quincey –

    Wow, what fabulous food! I would like to arrange to get more eggs and kombucha from you. Also any veggies you night have plus bacon. Will you be in Lewisburg any time this coming week (5/15-19)? As you might recall I work during the farm market hours and will need to meet you as we did last time.

    Thanks for everything…especially taste sensations.


  7. Linda Uihlein

    I am researching which Heritage breeds of milking cattle, beef cattle, sheep and pigs for my naturally kept farm west of Charlottesville, VA. No chemicals have been used since 1993 on my 72 acres. I would like to visit someday to see your operation and get more advice.
    Thank you for being natural and be safe,
    Little Owl Farm


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