Lard Share

Vernal Vibe Rise launched the Lard Share program in January 2015. The VVR Lard Share is a club for people who want to have clean, healthy lard to bake and cook with, but do not have the time or interest to render lard themselves. Joining is simple: decide whether you want to join for a whole year (at a discounted rate) or for a quarter of a year. After you pay the membership fee, I will start delivering a pint of lard to you every month; if you want more lard than a pint per month, you can sign up for a double share and I will deliver a quart. This is an easy way to ensure that you will always have access to fresh, GMO-free lard–from happy, pastured, heritage Ossabaw pigs–for all of your kitchen and bodycare needs.

Please CONTACT me for more details and membership fee information.

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