Pickle Share

VVR launched the Pickle Share program in January 2015. The VVR Pickle Share is a club for people who like pickles and other fermented foods. Joining is simple: decide whether you want to join for a whole year (at a discounted rate) or for a quarter of a year. After you pay the membership fee, I will start delivering pickles and other fermented foods to you every month. This is an easy way to ensure that you will have healthy, ferments in your diet all year long–and all VVR Pickle Share ferments are made from locally-grown, organically-grown produce (either from VVR or another Greenbrier Valley farm that we trust).

In addition, Pickle Share members will be given precedence for our to-be-annual fermentation workshop, where we will bring in an area fermenter for a hands-on, show-and-tell workshop about a special ferment recipe.

Please CONTACT VVR for more details and membership fee information.

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