Vernal Vibe Rise encourages customers (current and potential) and other interested parties to CONTACT me with any questions about my practices or products, to schedule a short- or longer-term farm visit, or just to say hello. Thank you for your interest.

2 thoughts on “Engage

  1. Rodney Benoit

    I purchased your Kombucha breakfast black. How do I use the tea or should I say how do I mix it? hot water or cold water? how do I use

    1. Quincy Post author

      Hi Rodney. Thanks for the purchase, and for writing to ask. Kombucha is a live-fermented tea that can be enjoyed straight from the bottle. Some people who do not prefer the taste but do like the health benefit choose to mix it with a little juice. Is that what you were asking?

      If I did not answer your question, feel free to respond. In some ways, I get the impression from your message that you are wondering if the kombucha is already prepared and ready to drink. It is. Also, you should not add anything hot to it, or heat it, as that will kill the beneficial probiotics. You are fine to dilute it with water or any other cool or room temperature liquid.

      Again, I hope that helps, and please let me know if not. Thanks!


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