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If you are reading this, you know that Vernal Vibe Rise is online at www.VernalVibeRise.com, but did you know you can connect with VVR online via the following media as well? Please click logo to be redirected to the applicable VVR profile or shop.


4 thoughts on “VVR Online

  1. Uncle Stevie

    I spoke with your Dad the other night and of course asked about you. He filled me in and gave me the website. I am so happy for you and proud and pleased that you have taken on such a noble endeavor. Your writings have given me pause to re-evaluate some of my food choices. I haven’t eaten beef since ’07, and we eat healthily, but do buy lots of Costco chicken……. Might be time to change it up. Keep rockin’ the (GMO) free world.


  2. Marilee

    Hi, I was wondering what kind of feed is given to supplement the chickens. Would it be soy and corn free? or GMO free but including organic corn or soy? We like your eggs and would like to purchase a share so we can get them every week if possible. I’m also interested in possibly a pickle share too. Please let me know how to set this up from here in Charleston.

    1. Quincy Post author

      The chickens’ supplemental feed is both corn- and soy-free, Marilee. Thank you for purchasing VVR products via TurnrowFarms.org.


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