I am often the first to admit that I know nothing. In fact, as many have said, the more I learn, I realize how little I know.

Nevertheless, over the past decade, I have had a lot of experience with many aspects of farming–from beginning without knowing what I was doing through teaching myself (and learning from my animals) about the best practices for practicing rotational grazing for the health of the land and livestock. I want to share this experience and knowledge with those who are just beginning to farm and need a mentor with whom to confer, or with those looking for new and better solutions to livestock management and want to explore solutions for integrated, dynamic systems.

I consider myself to be a student of life, my school is Learn by Doing, and I welcome you to learn alongside me, either on Vernal Vibe Rise, or virtually–via email, phone, and the other technological tools that allow us to connect from distant locations.

Please CONTACT me to start the conversation.