Porcine Cream

Porcine Cream is a lard-based moisturizer, with roots in the smooth skin of a Southern grandmother’s biscuit-making hands. The basis is pure lard from the inimitable Ossabaw Island Hogs native to Ossabaw Island, Georgia, which were raised with conscience on my permaculture farm in the mountains of West Virginia. After rendering and straining, I gently infuse this lard with a selection of beneficial herbs and flowers that soothe and offer radiance to skin of all types.

Why Lard?

Lard has softened the skin of generations of Southern cooks, making it perfect for Porcine Cream, which feels as smooth to the touch as any top-shelf facial cream. Lard is 50% saturated, just like our cell membranes, and thus is compatible with our skin cells, absorbing without any greasy residue. Porcine Cream contains fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K), Palmitoleic Acid (an anti-microbial) and the potent anti-inflammatory CLA, which occur naturally in lard.

What is in Porcine Cream?

Lard is compatible with the biology of our skin cells and contains skin-nourishing ingredients that plant-based oils do not. The pure lard in Porcine Cream comes from heritage pigs raised on organic pasture, is always GMO-free, and is infused with the following organic herbs and flowers:

Herbal Porcine Cream contains Peppermint, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, and Comfrey
Floral Porcine Cream contains Lavender, Geranium, Chamomile, and Calendula

Truly, there is no better moisturizer for our skin, nor does there exist a more deeply Southern preparation for one.

How to Care for Your Porcine Cream

Porcine Cream can liquify or change texture during shipment, or if exposed to high heat or temperature fluctuations. If that happens, please just place the entire jar, sealed, in a bowl of hot water. The cream will liquify fully and can then be placed in the refrigerator or other cool spot, where it will return to its normal solid-creamy state. It can then be kept at room temperature, or chilled, as some prefer.

Reduce Waste: Porcine Cream Jars

Porcine Cream jars, with their glass construction and permanent, waterproof labels, are designed to reduce waste. Once your jar is empty, please clean it and return it to me for a $1 discount on your next jar. I will sterilize the jar and re-use it. Some long-distance customers like to save them and return several jars at once for a greater savings. Thank you for considering the environment!

How to Order:

Herbal Porcine Cream | Etsy

Floral Porcine Cream | Etsy

If you prefer to order directly, either for local pickup or shipped orders, or to place a bulk order, please CONTACT Vernal Vibe Rise.