BARN of this Land

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This BARN. Every time I scoop feed, take refuge from rain or wind, store farm tools, or smell sweet local straw on my guardian dogs’ fur, it is tinted with gratitude for this barn. 
Even though I definitely hammered a few nails to help build this beauty, I see it as a gift from my brother @owenmcmichael —he coordinated the job and stuck with it until it was solid and dry enough to serve my needs. Along with my father (and some good help from @jelmcm and WWOOFer Lucas), Owen felled the trees, supervised and supported the sawyer, augered the post holes, stripped and set the posts, and built both floors with precision.

One of these days (after my wrists heal, for sure), I will follow through with my end of the deal by finishing the batten and sliding barn doors. My barn is both beautiful and functional as it is, and I know it will continue to learn—á la #stewartbrand —as the years pass.


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