Halvah: First Fall 2013 Farrow

Halvah grazing

Above is Halvah, our sole Tamworth sow, grazing in the back pasture earlier this summer.Halvah and Tam piglets
Here, Halvah keeps a watchful eye on her litter even while she is eating. Halvah came to Vernal Vibe Rise from Floyd, Virginia. We knew she was ‘the one’ because she was without a nose ring, unlike all of her sisters. We named her Halvah because of her lovely Tamworth coloring, which all of her piglets share.
Halvah eating
Halvah enjoys a hefty post-delivery treat; we always offer sows an all-you-can-eat feed after they farrow in addition to the placenta, which provides essential nutrition for the sow and, in turn, her piglets. Halvah's Tam litter1
Seven healthy pure Tamworth piglets, four gilts and three boars–a solid number for a first farrow. Halvah's Tam litter2
We will have a few of these piglets for sale, either as unregistered pure Tamworth breeding stock or feeders. They will be ready to go by early October 2013, so please let us know ASAP if you are interested.

Congratulations, Halvah!

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