The Way To Be GMO-free

Just as we (humans) are what we eat, so are the animals that we raise here on Vernal Vibe Rise. As a result, we believe that it is truly worthwhile to go to great lengths to make sure that our animals have access to the cleanest, most nutrient-rich foods available to us.

GMO-free feed in truckEvery few weeks, we make the trip to neighboring Virginia to purchase GMO-free feed for our animals. It involves an entire day, significant expense, and intense physical effort, but what is farming if not comprised of those things already?

GMO-free feed on truck

Much of the GMO-free swine feed is contained in this one-ton tote, which needs to be secured carefully before the two-hour drive on the highway back to VVR.

GMO-free feed in/on truck

Here is the (rented) truck of the week, all loaded up for the drive back to Renick. My dear truck, the Dumpin’ Doggie, is a 1969 F100 and isn’t well-suited for this type of trip, so she stays at the farm during feed runs.

GMO-free corn

The GMO-free whole corn, which serves as a supplemental feed for VVR poultry, and as a snack for swine and sheep. The clean feed that we offer the animals here on VVR makes them healthier, which in turn ensures that their meat and eggs are tastier and safer to eat. We thank all of our customers for caring enough about the health of our environment to make the choice to purchase VVR’s GMO-free products.


One thought on “The Way To Be GMO-free

  1. Kristi

    You go girl…so glad to see your truck packed to the brim! I sure don’t have feed to haul like that, but I have a gardening business where I set up for shows and my Chevy Suburban is fully loaded on those days!! I have to leave a couple seats for my daughters, but they normally have stuff in their laps! Curious…is that Vermont Compost? I’m thinking of placing an order. Where did you buy yours and did you order it first, so they had it available? Is that better than shipping directly to you? Thanks so much. Would love to visit your farm sometime. My Mom brought your card from the Winter Blues Market in Charleston…said I would really like what you’re doing. I’m a WV native, but have lived in KY about 20 years now.


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