Who Is VVR?

Quincy Gray McMichael began her life in the wooded western mountains of Maine, where her parents were living out their back-to-the-land dream. Trees, dirt, animals, and plants were all integral pieces of her raising, and her family worked to raise much of the food upon which they subsisted. Good food is such a strong part of Quincy’s life that while she was studying as a Human Ecologist at College of the Atlantic, she also studied Classical French Cuisine and Patissierie at Le Cordon Bleu London. Quincy has lived and worked on farms in places as diverse as Maine and Arizona, and truly appreciates the perennial value of permaculture and animal husbandry.

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Quincy enjoys every aspect of her work with heritage animals and edible perennials, both on VVR and within the wider Greenbrier Valley region of West Virginia. Her West Virginia off-farm work history includes direction of the Greenbrier Valley Local Foods Initiative, which seeks to develop the infrastructure that can support local farms and other food businesses in order to support small-scale agriculture and local foods as viable economic options for food entrepreneurs. She finds that education within the community is an essential aspect of marketing heritage meats and perennial produce to area restaurants and consumers. Vernal Vibe Rise is active with the efforts of the Greenbrier Valley Local Foods Initiative and is a member of Greenbrier Valley Grown and the Monroe Farm Market Cooperative (MFM), and Quincy is pleased to be able to serve as on the MFM Board of Directors. She also gladly serves on the Board of Directors of the West Virginia Farmers’ Market Association, is active with the WVFMA Grants Committee and was involved with the WV Recipe Challenge planning group (the Recipe Challenge Cookbook has been published and is now available for purchase). Vernal Vibe Rise is one of the select local farms that was featured as a part of the inaugural 2013 Fall Farm Tour, and subsequent 2014 Farm Fest and Tours, organized by the Greenbrier Valley Pasture Network, in which Quincy is also an active member. She takes advantage of every opportunity to share information and experience about heritage breeds, permaculture, and silvopasture with other farmers and with interested consumers. Quincy loves her work on Vernal Vibe Rise and stridently believes that life keeps getting better one day at a time.

And, of course, VVR is also comprised of the many lovely heritage animals and prolific perennial edibles that live here on Vernal Vibe Rise.

Please CONTACT VVR for more information or to schedule a farm visit. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Who Is VVR?

  1. andy holt

    Who would have thought that Quincy Lane would raise two farmers! Tell your mother and aunt Nancy,hello. Can help w/ sheep/cattle questions. Take care and Good luck. Andy holt, formerly 1406Quincy Lane Wv

  2. Rod Stoner

    Our visit was very special and we loved hearing your story.
    We look forward to enjoying some of your endeavors. We picked up some of your brats at Bella Gourmet.
    All the best and thank you for lunch and sharing some of your time.


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